American Crew Pomade Review

It is impossible to be a Pomade user without giving a try to America’s most popular product, American Crew Pomade. I was looking for a nice water-based product to create a casual hair style when I stumbled into this. Many people said that this was a great product, so I was excited to give it a go. Now I’ve been using this pomade for several times, and so far, I’m very satisfied. This is my experience of using American Crew.

Texture and Appearance

The cream colored clay-like texture reminds me of Port City pomade. But this is not as thick as Port City, and it is far easier to get the product out of the container. Because of the texture, we need to put it on our palm and rub it first before applying it to our hair. After it changes into paste on our palm, I feel that this product is a little bit oily and when I apply it to my hair, it works wonder. It doesn’t dry too quickly like most water based products with gel-like texture out there. I’m glad because I have time to style my hair before the product gets dry.

Hold and Application

This product is advertised as medium hold, and it is a perfect product to make slick back hairstyle. But honestly, I don’t feel that way. I have thick and wavy hair, and it can’t hold my hair in place for a long time when I use it to make slick back hairstyle. However, when I use American Crew Pomade to make a casual style, it works perfectly. I always use it on slightly damp hair to lock more moisture to my hair. But when I’m in the mood to create more volume in my hair, I apply the product on completely dry hair. If I want to create a slick back hairstyle, I combine this product with additional hair spray or another pomade with a stronger hold. I can’t leave American Crew from my routine because I like the shine, moisture and sleekness it gives to my hair.


Compared to other water-based product, the shine is fabulous. It makes my naturally dry hair looks super clean and fresh. Even though for me the hold is not superb, but this is an excellent product to give a wet and moist look that makes my messy casual style hair looks amazing.


This is the best product to create casual and spiky style. What the shine gives to my hair is perfect. The texture itself is greasy, but it doesn’t make your hair super oily. The shine is great, just like oil-based products. But as a water-soluble product, it washes very easily.


I don’t have a lot of things to complain about this product, and I’m completely happy with it. If there is, one thing I want to improve from this pomade is its hold. It’s not very strong, so it’s not working to create a perfect slick back style. But it works wonder to create messy casual style.


I like this product, and it lives up to my expectation. Even though it doesn’t have the best hold but it works well to make casual hairstyle which I like the most. It has medium hold so you can’t use it to create super high and rigid pompadour. However, if classic slick back look isn’t your style and you want to try a messier modern hair style with the great shiny look, American Crew Pomade is the one you should choose.