AXE Clean Look Classic Pomade Review

Short to medium haircuts always demand the owners frequently brush, so it is still in good style and doesn’t look messy. I always have short to medium haircuts. I love it since I don’t need many efforts for hairstyling. Just shampooing and brushing, then I am ready to go. However, the messy look becomes my common problem with the haircuts. This way, I need some pomade to help to maintain my hair look so I can have a clean and tidy look every time. As long as I use pomade, there are some products I ever tried. But I fall in love to AXE Clean Look Classic Pomade. This is the reason why.

The Pomade’s Texture and Smell  

The texture of the pomade tends to be like paste in white color. When you take some of the pomades and rub it with your palms, you may feel a little bit sticky. But it will soon dry out after you apply it onto your hairs. What I like best about the pomade is it smells very nice. When you rub and apply it, you will smell the fragrance more like deodorant. So you can feel more positive feeling by using this pomade; feeling awesome, smells good and also more confident.

How the Pomade Hold My Hair      

As the AXE classic pomade has paste texture, it holds my hair lightly and less sticky. One tip for you; just use the pomade as much as one fingertip, rub with your palms and then apply to the hair. It is important to take plenty amount of the paste to prevent too sticky feeling on your hair and too oily look. I usually apply it after shampooing my hair. Just dry it naturally with a towel and then I can apply the pomade. Styling my damp hair with AXE classic pomade is very easy. Since I have short hair and prefer messy look every day, this pomade supports my need so much.

After a few minutes after styling, my hair and the pomade will dry out, and it feels very nice on my hair. The pomade gives light holds but effectively keep my hairstyle in the right place. However, it doesn’t look oily at my hair; so I still can have a natural look with nicely styled hair.

How about the Shine?

Like what I got every day, you can get a medium level of shine with AXE classic pomade. It doesn’t like a gel that causes too shiny look, so the hair looks unnatural wet. Soon after the pomade gets dried, it gives naturally shines to my hair, and I can have it all day long.

As I use AXE classic pomade every day, I must have some points of pros and cons about this product;


Like written above, I love the way it holds my hair all day long; not too strong and also not too oily. I can style my hair easily after a shower with towel-dried hair. Besides, I also love the nice fragrance that always make me confident.


The only negative side of the pomade is the texture that is a little bit sticky at my fingertips. If I apply it too much on my hair, it becomes difficult to dry out, and I always feel the tacky feeling again whenever I touch my hair. I also should wash my hair every day to prevent dandruff. So, I suggest not to use it too much.

Overall, I love AXE classic pomade, and I have used it in one last year. The light hold makes me comfortable to use it all day long. I also don’t need to reapply the pomade after some hours. I recommend it for you who want to get perfect messy hairstyle all day long.