The Best Hair Pomade Brands in 2016

In this article, we are going to check out some of the best hair pomade brands in 2016. This is only a list but not a ranking. Each brand on this list comes with its uniqueness. We shall discuss the mainstream popular pomade as well as lesser known brands and also home brewed pomade.

You can choose which one is best for you based on what it’s made from, quality, strongness and whether it’s water based or oil based. Hopefully, this review will help you find a brand that you love, enjoy.

Admiral pomade

Admiral pomadeIt is strong hold pomade that has a coconut scent. It is a consistent product and works closer to lighter medium hold pomades. If you want to look different every single day, then this is the right product for you. The pomade is easy to apply throughout your hair. It also doesn’t feel greasy or waxy like other pomades.

One the other hand, if you have thick hair or curly hair, this pomade will keep your hair in its right place without making it look like a hard rock. Admiral Strong Hold has a creamy feel and dries out well as it does not leave any crunchy feel at all. If you are the type that hates the greasy look, then this might just be the best alternative for you. Admiral Pomade is an incredible product which offers consistency. It will hold your hair nicely all day.

Hanz De Fuko Pomade

Hanz De Fuko PomadeThis is yet another cheap yet high performing product that is made of organic water soluble materials that will perfect your look just the way you want it, without having to suffer from the dangerous preservative or chemicals. It is made of certified organic extracts. It gives you a shiny look and does not contain paraben. This pomade features a medium strength hold that is not heavy at all, if you are looking for an additional strong hold, this one might be perfect for you.

To get the best out of this pomade, use it with neater hairstyles. It won’t work well if you are looking for a bed head affect or messy look. The Hanz De Fuko Pomade doesn’t smell like roses, but its scent is way cleaner than most pomade products out there. It has a hard texture. However, it becomes easier to use as you get used to it. The product will give you a shiny and smooth finish while ensuring your hair is firm. So if you are looking for that clean and smooth look without enduring hazardous chemicals, this is the pomade for you.

Dirty Byrd Pomade

Dirty Byrd PomadeThis is extravagant pomade since it’s a bit costly for the amount that you get. Nevertheless, it is still a product worth buying as it provides a strong hold and also has a matte appearance. If you hate attention and don’t desire a wet and shiny look, then this pomade is what you should buy because of it a matte finish.

Dirty Byrd Pomade has a clear appearance with a musky scent. When you open the product, you will find that it has a waxy feel compared to other pomades that have a smoother feel. When you apply it through your hair, you will find that your hair is more textured and looking all natural at the same time.

To get the best out of this pomade, apply it on damp hair. This is because it has a waxy texture and it will be hard to apply it on dry hair. If you are looking for a neat, sleek look, this is not the product for you.  It is ideal for that messy look, but strong enough to keep your hair firmer.

America Crew Fiber Cream

America Crew Fiber CreamThis pomade shapes your hair and holds it in style. If you want to have an informal look, American Crew Cream is for you. Unlike other creams, it is not something that you would want for a professional look. This pomade gives your hair an effortless look and has a strong holding power so that it will keep your hair firm throughout the day, and furthermore, it will not give you the shiny appearance but the matte finish. The American Crew Cream is yellow in color and has a thick texture, and thus, it’s not easy to transfer from the container to your fingers. It has a welcoming scent that is not as strong but subtle enough. This pomade will give your hair a thicker and more texturized look.

Mister Pompadour

Mister PompadourThis is one of the best water-based pomades that is extremely versatile and perfect for any hairstyle that you may wish to achieve. It is peppermint pomade with high shine and has a medium hold which makes it easy to style using either your fingers or fine-toothed comb.

Mister Pompadour has a sweet peppermint scent that is not only fresh but also clean. It contains natural ingredients- no paraben, alcohol nor harsh chemicals. The pomade is a white colored cream that is easy to transfer to your fingers. Mister Pompadour is consistent, smooth with no signs of losing strands.

O’douds All Natural

Odouds All NaturalThis is water based pomade that gives you an added shine and firm hold. This pomade is compatible with almost all types of hair types. It is made of only natural ingredients. Once you open the container, you will find that the color is yellow. The rather beige color of the pomade feels like a foamy texture.  Once you touch it with your fingers, you will notice that its becoming a paste because the water inside separates. O’douds All Natural has a ginger like smell. Once you apply the pomade throughout your hair, with your fingers, you will find that it works quite smoothly. Although O’douds All Natural may not be the best pomade for certain people because water separates from the product, it is a reliable product once you get used to it.


There are many other pomade brands in the market today, but the above are some of the top notch brands that give the best results and that customers trust.