Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade Review

Water-based pomade is an exciting world to explore, and I’ve been trying several different products to find the one I like the most. So far, I’m happy with most of the products I’ve tried, but Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade clearly stands out among the crowds. It has a nice hold, and I also adore the easy removal. So far, I like what this product has done to my hair, and this is my experience using Dapper Dan pomade.

Texture and Appearances

It has a clear gel-like texture just like most water based products in the market. It has a transparent green color that matches its fruity scent. There is nothing out of ordinary about the texture, and it doesn’t make a mess on my palms after using it. Simply wash my hand with running water and everything’s settled.

Hold and Application

It has medium hold, and it works well for my slightly wavy hair. However, I need to apply more products in some parts that have more waves to make them stay in place. I have thick hair with a little bit of wave. I don’t want to make high pomp or dramatic curves with my hair. I just want it to look slick and stay in place all the time. So, two fingertips are enough to style my hair. I apply the product on slightly damp hair to make a sleek and natural look. It works well on dry hair too, but that trick doesn’t hold my thick hair in place, so I always apply the pomade after a shower. I like the fact that it doesn’t get too hard when it dries, so my hair looks very natural. This product washes up very well. The product goes away immediately after one thorough shower.


Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade has a minimal shine, so this is not the product you want to use if you want to have a wet look. If I want to have more sleekness in my hair, I simply apply one or two fingertips more. But the matte look can also be a good thing since it makes my hair looks more natural.


This product is very easy to wash. It doesn’t leave a mess on your hand after application, and it doesn’t take long to wash your hair completely. It also doesn’t make your hair hard and rigid like other water based products. Moreover, I kind of like the fruity scent. It smells fresh but still masculine at the same time.


It is not exactly a light hold but for a medium hold, I think this is not strong. It holds well for 7 to 8 hours but after that, I need to keep restyling it. Thankfully, Dapper Dan Deluxe is a water based pomade, so it is very easy to restyle. It gives very minimal shine. The product is advertised as a medium shine pomade, but I think it comes closer to light shine and even matte. But this is just a matter of preference because I like my hair shiny. If you loathe greasy hair and want to have a natural matte look, this is a good product.


This is a good product. The best thing I like from this Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade is its endurance. It holds my hair in place for a pretty long time. If you have straight or slightly wavy hair, and you want a product that gives you medium natural hold, don’t even take a glimpse of other products. Click the purchase button right now and let Dapper Dan gives you the hair style you always want.