Imperial Barber Products Matte Pomade Review

I am the one with thin hair that is difficult to style. A few hour after shampooing and the hair has been dry, my hair will get messy, and I can’t feel confidence at all. That is why I always need some hairstyling gel to make my shoulder length hair always set and don’t make me unconfident. I started using hairstyling gel since I was at high school. But I never found a lovely product like Imperial Barber Products Matte Pomade that has been used for some months. This product does not only make my hair set but also treat it well without causing any damages.

Imperial Pomade’s Texture and Look  

Imperial Barber Products Matte Pomade is the best product after I have tried kinds of pomade products. It has the paste texture and creamy color. As it is matte, you will never see shining result after applying the pomade. I love it since I don’t like shining look after hair styling pomade application that isn’t natural. Just take the pomade in your fingertip size and then apply to get a matte result. Besides, it also gives a fresh scent that always helps to boost my mood in the morning. I also always find more volume on my hair after the pomade application.

Nice Work in Holding My Hair     

Since I have thin shoulder length hair, I need to style it differently every day, so I always have a fresh look. I can use Imperial matte pomade either when I have to style it loosely or perfectly groomed for more formal look. The level 2 holding strength nicely hold my hair. I don’t feel too much sticky feeling on my hair like when I use gel products and not too stiff like when I use spray or mousse. I can have well-styled hair every day because the pomade holds my hair well even from the blowing wind. When I find my hairstyle damages, I just need some drops of water to rub my hair and a comb to fix the style.

Great Feature of Natural Ingredients

The best point I love about Imperial Barber Products Matter Pomade is the all-natural ingredients. Yes, this a great feature for me since I can make sure that the product will treat my hair well, don’t cause any damage even I use it every day. Green tea extract is one of the main ingredients; the high antioxidant will add nutrients to my hair and protect it from damages caused by free radicals. The green tea also improves the fresh scent of this pomade. The light and natural ingredients in water-based pomade also make it easy to clean without causing problems like dandruff, hair loss, etc.


Like I said before, Imperial matte pomade is my beloved product for the medium strength to hold my hair without causing sticky feeling and stiff hair. The natural ingredients protect my hair from free radical damages. It is also easy to restyle by rubbing a little bit water on my dry hair.


The only con I experienced about this product is when I apply too much paste on my hair. It makes my hair a little bit stiff, so it doesn’t look naturally styled anymore. So, you may not use it too much and always use the right amount based on the length of your hair.

In conclusion, if you want to get a pomade product in medium hold strength and good to maintain healthy hair, Imperial Barber Products Matte Pomade is much recommended. It will work in any hairstyle you have in every occasion. Besides, the green tea extract will make your hair naturally beautiful and also protected from pollutions.