Simple Ways to wash out Pomade

When it comes to pomade, there are some ways you can apply them to your hair, and there are also different ways of taking them out of your hair. Although some are typical, the majority of pomade are funky. From baking soda to vinegar- each person has his or her preference. You might use a traditional method to get rid of pomade or use other methods.

Although there are many methods out there, the following ways have proven to work quite effectively.

Dax removing shampoo

I have been quite reluctant to use degreasing shampoos, and the reason is that a lot of them are nowhere near effective when washing out pomade. A lot of shampoos found in stores are meant to wash out specific styling products, mostly from the same company. In fact, most of these styling products don’t do anything.

However, Dax Removing Shampoo is one of the best shampoos that have proven to do the job effectively, it can cut grease out of your hair, and it does this pretty first. When you use this shampoo, you will only need to use it only thrice to wash out the pomade out of your hair. It does not leave any trace; it gets rids of all the pomade. Therefore, if you have been looking for a great pomade remover, consider trying Dax Removing shampoo- it gets the job done.

When it comes to price and availability, Dax Removing Shampoo is not readily available, but you can purchase it online although not everyone trusts online products. A few real shops sell this product for around $10.

Since you will not be using a lot of the shampoo to remove the pomade, and you won’t even use it on a daily basis, buying a bottle or two on hand can help serve you for a very long time. Therefore, if you wish to buy Dax Removing shampoo, use it only when you are ready to thoroughly wash your hair. It is not advisable to use shampoo on a daily basis.

Sauvé’s Groom and Clean

This is also one of the few shampoo products that can completely get rid of pomade from your hair. It does not only wash away grease, but it also works very fast. Furthermore, it is a styling product which also works well. Sauvé’s Groom and Clean does not contain any grease and is a very light styling product which will give you incredible killer slick backs or subtle pomp. It also lets your hair easily blend in. If you are looking for an effective and multipurpose cleaner, try the Sauvé’s Groom and Clean product. Not only does it wash away the sticky grease, but it also lets you go out of your house with your looking all styled up.

Olive Oil and Dish Soap

While the other products on this list wash out pomade easily and faster, there is a good reason why a combination of Olive Oil and Dish Soap is better than the above products- it’s because it is easy to make and almost everyone has it. When people rush to get a can of soda to wash out pomade or when others curse, they look past the crucial components in their homes that can help a great deal. Every kitchen has olive oil and dish soap. While the oil in peanut but works well in getting rid of pomade grease, you don’t have any reason to opt for peanut butter over some lathers of dish soap and a tablespoon of olive oil.  This combo works perfectly and quite faster.

Dawn or Ajax and pomade shampoo

Take a tablespoon of Ajax Super Degrease, Dawn Dishwashing Liquid or Dish Liquid Detergent r and douse it on your hair. Let the mixture soak for some time. You can then rinse out the mixture with warm water. Make sure you rinse out the degreaser well before applying the pomade shampoo such as Schmiere Rumble Ex Shampoo, use about 250ml to get the best results and to get rid of the last bit of slick out. Rinse your hair with cool water so as to cover your follicles and to keep your hair healthy as well as shiny.

Olive, Conditioner and pomade shampoo

Use grease to remove grease. As noted earlier, olive oil is a great product that has a variety of uses including cutting grease. The best thing about olive oil is that it is cheaper than other removing shampoos and also adds moisture to your hair.

To get the best result, apply olive oil while you are still in the shower so that the oil gets enough time to penetrate the open hair follicles.

By now, most of the grease should be absent from your hair. Now, follow with pomade shampoo if it’s necessary. Let the shampoo settle in your hair for a while before applying a conditioner such as Dax Repair Restoring Conditioner to prevent your hair from drying out. This technique is different from the previous one because of the extra oil hydration step, it takes a while, but your hair will look great and attractive.

Switch to a water based pomade

Water based pomades do not contain petroleum and for that matter, they easily wash out with clean water. Although they don’t give your hair as much hold as petroleum based products, they are easier to use than the latter. They are also safe to use because they don’t cause pomade acne.


Pomades are very good at taking your hair to the next level and also great at sticking to your hair like glue. This is mainly because a lot of pomade products are made with petroleum which does not dissolve in water. For this reason, getting rid of pomade can be a daunting task as most of your already know. On the other hand, regular shampoo won’t remove the grease from your hair neither does peanut butter. However, the above products will help wash out grease and leave your hair looking sparkling clean.