Top Pomade Tips for First Timers

When you go to the barbershop, supermarket or beauty shop, you will find yourself looking at many different hair products various types of; creams, gels, pomade, pastes, waxes, tonics, and sprays. There are different types of finishes; natural, matter, wet and dry. You will also see different textures. However, this article focuses on pomade.

Washable or not washable

There has been a hot debate as to whether pomade should be washed out with water only or not. It is still an ongoing discussion that no first-timer should venture into.

Oil Based Pomade

Most petroleum based products can’t be washed out with just water. It may still fail to come out even with several washes. Well, depending on how good your olive oil is or the strength of your cleansing shampoo, you may or may not be able to wash out the grease in a single wash or two. But you need to play around with the products to see what works for you and what doesn’t.

So, if washing out hairstyling product is not your thing, then don’t use petroleum based pomade and start considering using water based pomades.

Water Based Pomades

Water based pomades are soluble in water and thus, can easily be washed out with only water. You don’t need to use any shampoo to get rid of the pomade completely. Water based products include all Layrite’s hairstyling products. So you don’t have to worry about using the virgin olive oil. However, ensure that you use a conditioner after removing the pomade to keep your hair healthy and clean.

Choosing between fine hair and thick hair?

Whether you have fine hair or thick hair, there is always a pomade product that will work perfectly with your hair, but which product is the best?

What you need to know about thick hair

There are certain factors that determine the products you will use. One factor is the hairstyle that you have. Layrite Super Hold works perfectly for those who have thicker hair. The best thing about this product is that you don’t have to use a lot of pomades.

What you should know about finer hair

People with finer hair don’t require heavy product such as Layrite Super Hold; a heavy product will automatically weigh down your hair instead of holding it up. So a product such as Layrite Original will give those with finer hair the hold that they want so as to improve their look.

Tip- for people with finer hair that want to get a lot from their hair, apply a small amount of Layrite throughout your hair and then blow dry the hair to get that lift you want. Applying Layrite Original beforehand will make it easy for you to work on your hair, while adding it afterwards may weigh down your hair.

Putting pomade product in your hair

Depending on the type of finish you want, the manner in which you apply pomade is very crucial

Applying pomade to wet hair

Applying Layrite Super Shine, Layrite Super Hold or Layrite Original will work perfectly on wet hair. However, take note that wet hair doesn’t mean dripping wet, but a slightly damp. A dripping wet hair breaks down your hair. On the other hand, a slightly damp hair will make it easy for the pomade to spread throughout your hair.

Applying pomade to dry hair

While you wouldn’t have a lot of difficulties using pomade on dry hair, it is crucial to know that it will give your hair a different texture compared to applying the pomade to damp hair.

Applying pomade to dry hair will give you a more texturized natural look. You will need to move your fingers through your hair a couple of times to spread the pomade and get an even coating because your hair is not wet

Finishing touches

Now that you have some tips on what type of pomade will suit your hair needs, there is one more thing you need to ask yourself; shine or no shine? Depending on how you apply your Layrite Super Hold or Layrite Original, you will end up with different finishes.

  • Damp application

The pomade will dry with a light glossy finish.

  • Dry application

The pomade will dry with a more matte finish

However, if you would like to add some touch of shine to your hair, you can glaze on top of your pomade- Layrite Super Hold or Layrite Original with Layrite Super Shine. You can use this product to coat the top of the already dried pomade. Layrite Super Shine will give your hair a wet look that most petroleum based products offer, but without the difficulty of getting rid of it from your hair.

Also, you can also use it as a stand-alone product. However, don’t expect to see much difference for a super tall pomp. It is mainly meant for hairstyles with wet look finish such as Jheri Curls, slick backs or tight contours.

The Overview

  • Water or oil based
  • Layrite for finer hair
  • Layrite for thicker hair
  • Layrite Super Shine that is used to coat and add shine to Super Hold and Layrite Original
  • A matte finishes for a dry hair
  • A slicked finish for damp hair


Well, there you have it – small introduction to pomades and pomade products. There is still a lot to learn about pomade. However, this is quite a lot to take in already.

Personally, I use different types of pomades ranging from petroleum based pomades to water based pomades. Most people are familiar with petroleum based products with the orange tins. There are many pomade brands in the market today. However, one of the best pomades brand to I used is Layrite- this product is simply incredible. You should check it out. I hope you have enjoyed every piece of information in this article and that it will help you make an informed decision when choosing the best pomade for your hair.