Union American Pomade Firm Hold

Hairstyling by myself is the regular activity of mine every morning before I start my daily activities. I love trying to make kinds of hairstyle and hairdo to refresh my look every day and certainly to make the most interesting look. To hold my hairstyle and make it more perfect, I commonly use some hair styling pomade. It helps me to make my hair tidier and easier to style. Besides, the pomade will also hold my hairdo so I will have the good look much longer. That is why I always have hair styling pomade at home and always bring it everywhere. I have tried using kinds of hair styling pomade, and I only love a few of them. One of the most favorite products for me is the Union American Pomade Firm Hold. Find my review about this product below.

How does the Pomade Look?

A very transparent look is one of the best points I love about this Union American Pomade. The pomade firmly holds my hair and doesn’t make any sign, residue or even oily look. I also love it much for the nice smells given whenever I use it. Moreover, when I use it after shampooing my hair. The fragrance is blending with my shampoo fragrance creating an increasingly nice smell. All people will not notice that I use pomade, but they will see how great this product works to hold my hair and gives a nice smell.

Effective Works of the Pomade

As I always have busy days, Union American pomade helps me much every day because it dries very quickly, especially in my thin hair. After the shower, I apply a little bit pomade on my hair and then I can make my hair easily in any style I like. Furthermore, it will dry in just about one minute. Besides the firm way of holding my hair, it also effectively adds volume and extra boost to my hair. So I can have a more energetic look with my perfect styled hair; either in sleek or messy styles for a whole day.

Nice Water-Based Ingredients

I think the nice work of Union American pomade on my hair because of the water-based ingredient inside it. I always feel comfortable whenever I use it; doesn’t feel sticky and doesn’t make glued look. And I love it too because it is paraben free. I can clean the pomade easily from my hand after styling the hair. When the day ends, and I have to clean my hair, just simply rinsing and shampooing my hair, and the whole pomade will be cleaned.

Pros: as I wrote above, I love how this transparent pomade holding my hair; firmly and unnoticeable so I can have messy or sleek hairstyles as I need for every occasion. The American made product makes me sure about the ingredients safety. Yes, the water-based ingredient works well on my hair, and I never get any problem so far.

Cons: since the first time I use this pomade product, I love it so much, and I never find any negative points about it. However, maybe the negative point about it is about the packaging. I think this product needs a better design for the container and labeling. For the high-quality product, I think it needs better packaging design.

Therefore, for those who need high-quality the USA made pomade, Union American Pomade Firm Hold could become your best choice. It works to give firm hold on your hair all day long. Use it and love how the water-based ingredient firmly holds your hair in every kind of hair styling.