What is Pomade? Information You Need to Know about

Pomade is a hair styling brand that has been in use for many years to do different hairstyles. The traditional pomade is oil based and slick at the same time. But today there is modern water based pomade that is easy to apply and wash out and gives your hair a lighter touch. Whether you want a shiny hair, slicked backed hair or messy buy styled hair. Pomade is the best choice for any person who wants to achieve a great look every day.

Choosing the right pomade for your hair
Choosing between water based and oil based pomade. The oil based pomade is a traditional product, but it is not as popular as a water based pomade. However, the choice of pomade depends on what you want to do with your hair.

  • Oil based pomade
    The oil based pomade is cheaper than water based pomade. It has a shiny and greasier look than water based pomade and also has a very strong hold. The problem with oil-based pomade is that it is not soluble in water. So, it’s not easy to wash out with water. It’s also difficult to wash out with a regular shampoo. However, there are degreasing shampoos on the market that you can try out, although they might strip your hair’s natural oils.
  • Water-based pomade
    This type of pomade is easy to use, but it’s very expensive. Just like the oil based pomade, this type of product gives you a shiny look and washes away easily. However, it is not as strong as the oil based pomades. However, it can still help maintain your hair’s flexibility.

Use sheen pomade, matte pomade or combine the two
The sheen pomade gives your hair a shiny look. You can choose the style you like based on the look you want, or you can choose one based on your hair type. Matte pomade isn’t as shiny as sheen pomade, but it is ideal for hair that gets greasy quickly. On the other hand, Sheen pomade is great for those who have dry hair. You can as well combine both sheen pomade and matter pomade to create a perfect balance.

Determine what strength of hold suits you
Pomade come in various strengths which give hair different hold amounts. Look for different pomade brands to see if they give you a strong, medium or light hold. If you have never used pomade before, look for a light hold brand. This will let you learn how to style your hair and let you change your hair whichever way you want. Strong hold pomade is extremely hard while light hold pomade is soft. If you have thick hair, you might want to use medium or strong hold. Purchase different kinds of pomade brands and find out which one works best for you.

Applying pomade

  • Wash your hair
    Pomade works very perfectly on clean hair. Therefore, wash your hair before you start to use pomade. Use shampoo to make your hair not only clean but also fresh.
  • Leave your hair dump
    Pomade is easy to style and looks better in damp hair. After washing your hair, dry it lightly using a towel and then style it.  Leave your hairs slightly damp, not dripping wet. This will let the pomade get into your hair with much ease, and you will look great.
  • Use a small amount on your fingertips
    With pomade, you only need a small amount to start with, you can add more with time, but for starters, a little goes a long way. Take a small amount on your fingers and rub slowly. If you have a hard pomade, heat it up first so that it’s easy for you to use. Use a blow dryer to warm your hair before applying the pomade.
  • Rub everywhere you want your pomade to touch
    Rub your fingers through your hair and near your scalp, all the way to the tip of the hair and spread pomade evenly. Caution; don’t let the pomade touch your scalp, this may make your hair appear greasy, and it is not good for natural oils on the scalp.

Styling short hair

  • Spiky hair
    Take a small amount of pomade and use your fingers to apply on the tips of your hair. Use your fingers and thumb to pull the tips of your hair gradually in any direction you like. Continue to do this until you have spiked the right amount of hair. Make sure you only use your fingertips to apply the pomade throughout your hair.
  • Creating a messy look
    A messed up look is not only a great style, but it is also a trendy hair style. Put a small amount of pomade on your fingers and run them through your hair. Start applying the pomade near your hair root and gently towards the tip of your hair while pulling your hair backwards. Continue applying until all your hair is completely pushed back. Use your palms to gently rub your hair backwards.
  • Slick black your hair
    Use a brush to get rid of tangles that are left in your hair. Apply small amount pomade in your hair and use your fingertips. Ensure that you work the pomade onto your fingers and then apply throughout your hair.  Move your fingers gently and ensure that the pomade reaches the roots. Slowly, push your hair backwards using your palms. Continue doing this until all the hair is pushed backwards. Also, do not forget to apply pomade on your hairline.

You can even style the front part of your hair sideways or backwards for different slicked back looks. Use either a medium or a strong pomade, to help keep your hair slicked the whole day.


Pomade is a great hairstyle product that can make you look gorgeous, but only if you use it correctly.  Use different types of pomades to see which one works perfectly for you. Lastly, get dressed before styling with pomade, so that you don’t get it on your clothes.